Updating your database development skills to

For more information and associated fees, go to This two-year Ontario College Diploma program is designed to provide students with an education in Internet technologies, Internet programming, and the analysis and design of enterprise Internet application solutions interacting with databases.

The program prepares students as Internet project architects equipped to develop software applications, such as e-commerce websites and specialized intranet solutions.

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Fundamentals of web development using hypertext markup language (HTML),and cascading style sheets (CSS) are reviewed, with a focus on developing responsive and mobile websites.

Multiple IDEs are introduced and used to complete hands-on projects.

Graduates may work as team members to analyze business requirements, design, develop, and implement appropriate web solutions to the user community, assist with the acquisition, installation, use and troubleshooting of Internet applications and Internet services on a variety of platforms.

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Students have access to modern computing facilities.

A large internal network provides access to the Internet and offers an extensive variety of software, some of which is available free or at minimal cost to students through the department-sponsored Microsoft Developer`s Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA), other vendor agreements and from software supplied under the mobile technology fee.

This program offers two cooperative education (Co-op) Work Term(s) option.

Qualified students with a minimum GPA of 2.7, have the opportunity to apply for paid co-op employment to gain valuable work experience and networks within industry. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Students are expected to have and use a laptop or mobile computing device when registered in this on-campus program.

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