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Finally, we introduce personality as another construct that has been proved to be influential on self-disclosure, social intimacy, and loneliness.

This study enhances the understanding of self-disclosure on SNS rather than interpersonal connections.

The estimated prevalence of PIU was 6.2% in males, 9.8% in females, and 7.9% in total; it closely correlated with female gender, school grades, and number of Internet hours.

The following common and gender-specific applications that conferred a risk of PIU were identified: downloading (both genders), online gaming (males), social networking services, blogs, and bulletin boards (females).

Japan is assumed to have serious health and social problems due to Internet overuse, but little is known about the actual conditions.

This study was conducted to investigate the prevalence of problematic Internet use (PIU) and associated Internet use in adolescents in Japan.

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