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You could use words like strong or powerful combined with smell or scent that convey the issue more assertively.

This isn’t unusual but it remains taboo to talk about.

Some things like thrush and bacterial vaginosis can cause smells and often a discharge, while STIs can have a fishy or cheesy odour and it’s that particular unpleasant smell (rather than just the stronger scent of genitals) plus possible pain and discharge that should be investigated.

Alternatively you may decide to avoid oral sex or close genital contact if you dislike her smell but appreciate there’s nothing wrong with her.

As mentioned washing before sex can reduce natural body odours, as may more regular bathing.

Including not washing; being aggravated by certain fabrics, tight clothes, washing powders or soaps.

The advice is for a partner to persuade their loved one to change how they wash or what they wear in order to remove the cause of any smell.

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