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Before the couple's divorce, the two were in the process of adopting a child, but Dean withdrew his name from the adoption papers and Mary Jo carried on as a single parent.

Her daughter, Lola, is now 12'I think he had some issues with spending when we were married, but nothing that derailed our marriage.'He appears different.

That was liberating to be able to say no, I'm going to tell my story and do it on my terms.'Dean promised the judge on March 9 that he would keep up with his payments.'So the judge dismissed it when we went back. Over the past six months, the payments, which were always late, trickled to a stop.

Now he is at college, Jack has distanced himself from the chaos surrounding his father and step-mom Mary Jo now raise her two kids on her own, Jack and daughter Lola.

I've had contact with him over the past while and I don't buy any of it anymore.'My feeling is that Tori controls everything and she runs the show.

Dean has no say in anything.'After years of attempting to build a relationship with Tori for the sake of her son, Mary Jo has given up on the pretense.'I had to create a relationship with her really quickly and you always do it for the sake of your children.

Mary Jo says she finds it hard to believe that Dean is the same man who was once her husband.'The man I married is not the same guy he is today,' she said.

'We had our challenges, but there was no indication of this type of behavior.

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