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That meant he conducted direct mail programs for these companies to build brand awareness or convince the public that Standard Oil or Meyrowitz or Smith and Wesson were these friendly hometown companies providing oil and gas, eyeglasses and guns at the lowest possible price and the best value. He took a particular interest in following photography, which was then in its early stages of development.So he was a member of the New York Camera Club and a patron of the famous “291” art gallery where Paul Westin and Alfred Stieglitz showed their photographs along with a wide variety of other artists, including Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keefe and others.In my grandfather’s time, media consisted mostly of newspapers and magazines, but as 20th century advanced, it came to include radio, TV, cable and eventually the internet.My grandfather’s advertising agency was successful in the 1920s and if you go back to old copies of something called Printer’s Ink, you can still find references to his advertising agency.These were larger format ads usually with both words (copy as it is known in the trade) a pictures (art, as it euphemistically described).That proved to be the beginning of a very long career for my father in advertising.

Times was tough during the depression, but my father was not discouraged.

The depression was raging and my father felt it was his duty to give up college and partying and go to work.

“That was when your father put on the hair shirt,” said my uncle Francis.

His first job was with The Sun, a New York paper that was started in 1834 and disappeared in 1950.

At first, my father sold classified ads in The Sun. If an account was a repeat advertiser and happened to be local, then my father might actually go to their place of business and try to sell them on more classified ads, person to person.

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