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No one is surprised by the coupling of athletes and porn stars.They’re both performers, they’re both (largely) fit and attractive, and they’re both kinda famous.A few months later, they were monogamous and “in love.” In 2009, Jameson gave birth to twin boys, however, the bliss of being new parents would be short-lived.In 2010, Ortiz was arrested in their home for battery, though he contended that Jameson was addicted to Oxy Contin and behaving erratically.I’m sure that Ray J sex tape was no walk in the park either, especially when opposing fans would chant his name during games. If you don’t think that what they did constitutes “dating,” bear in mind that she has 122 text messages from him. Turns out Bonds was cheating a long time before we thought he was.

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"Bodyguard, Le Musical" c’est le frisson du film sur scène, et seize chansons inoubliables interprétées en live : amour, émotion, suspense …Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be, and the relationship ended as quickly as it began. Well, in a February 1995 interview with that bastion of journalistic integrity, Cheri Magazine, she claimed that A. had called her during the well-known Bronco chase and told her “O. did it.” There is no corroboration, and at the time, she was already known to have had Bonds unknowingly impregnate her, so no one really paid much attention to her story, thankfully.In the realm of porn star “dating” this is one of the more wholesome stories out there.I promise the entries get more lighted-hearted from here, save for the occasional occurrences of abuse, both substance and domestic.He dated Kim after she got down with noted songsmith Ray J, but before their leaked sex tape came out.

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