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I was wearing blue plaid slacks, a red and yellow striped tie, a retro track jacket, and a trucker hat that originally said “Nantucket,” which I'd modified by crossing out certain letters with white paint so that it said “Na__t____e_.” I also had big glasses, messy hair, and a bushy beard.

Jennylee realized this, saying, “Usually I’m getting by based on my looks…I never really thought about that.

In 2006, Alberta Agriculture reported zero findings of wild rats; the only rat interceptions have been domesticated rats that have been seized from their owners.

Power and empowerment are ambivalent, dynamic themes in Beauty and the Geek.The members of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” aren’t exactly being offered professorships at Princeton.My reasoning was basically threefold: 1) in the unlikely event that they actually chose me, it would be an interesting experience, 2) I didn’t mind being called a geek, and 3) it would be kind of cool to be on TV.He spoke Spanish perfectly and concisely and he was so entertaining.I wish they'd gotten him to speak Spanish on the show.

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