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Some rapes are more physically violent than others. If you were a victim of rape, sexual assault, or sexual abuse, consider joining Pandora's Aquarium, an online support group, message board & chat room.

But whether your assault was physically violent or emotionally coercive, whether you were assaulted once or many times, you were still raped or abused. Even if you're not sure how to define what happened, you are welcome in our support community.

The Pandora's Aquarium message board and chat room is for survivors of all types of sexual violence.

If you are looking for support after rape, child sexual abuse, sexual assault, incest, molestation, or any type of sexual violence, you are in the right place. If you were a victim of rape or sexual abuse, you deserve to be here.

It’s no excuse, but this happened eleven years ago — I was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along.

I’m very sorry." Donald Trump talked to Billy Bush about trying to bang chicks back in 2005, but Trump says the conversation was clearly private, one-on-one locker room banter that was recorded by an "Access Hollywood" crew.

last year and was one of the first of my family to do so.

So no one had any idea about college and I had to get help from a school program I was in.

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Either you get on your back for him, or he gets you fired. It's far in the distance now, years ago, I was 13- but it still feels fresh. And to think how powerless I was, how silent I stayed, it fills me with rage. We were finally switching seats after we had begged to do so, when the door swung open and in he walked, late as always. the company didn't fire him, or give him any punishment, and so I quit, and gave my reasons very clearly. I was just casually chatting with my buddy (Let's call her Paula) Paula, when... I was even pursued once and robbed of some of my things. At every job I have ever had, I have been sexually harassed. I worked there for several months and knew the place quite well. I understand they were just being idiots, but I swear, if I had to hear one of them whistle and say, "Nice ***! I contacted the head of the school and they couldn't do anything because he was the head of the history department..he's my advisor. Just because we don't tell you to f#ck off, or walk away, doesn't mean we like it. Anyway I did and he...touched me very inappropriately... I have been sexually harassed by my Uncle when I was 12. I got over it and the nightmares, it could have been worse, and I don't think it'll ever happen again (to me, IDK about others).

There are like 4 guidance counselors in our high school.

I think they are assigned students alphabetically - not really sure.

first the shop: i went to a chinese shop one day because of i wanted to buy some things for a festival... As I got better however, more and more people started telling me to join a club team. I was really naive, and didn't understand anything at the time. Most of the time he would sneak into my bedroom at night and start touching me. even share this unpleasant experience here on a public website but I'll do it just for the hell of it and to let it out of my system. but i was talking to a guy in a trailer park where i lived because he works there anyway i was talking to him and all of a sudden he touched me down there i was shocked because i didn't know what happened he did it again i told him i will be right back i told my friends and they... Not because of my friends like most kids but because I lucked out with amazing teachers and loved to learn. An older man got on the bus and sat across from me. On and off he comes to my grandma's house still, even while im here.

I didn't catch any hints, I just thought everyone in the... and even by different people, but I will write about the one that still bothers me to this day. He told me he likes doing things with younger girls... He tries to touch my chest and other private parts. I remember back in my early middle school years, there were two boys who've out of no where, just felt up my private parts when I was riding on... 8th grade my English teacher ended up being the creepiest man I have ever met in my life. He smiled at me, and I've always been taught to be polite... I met a man at a wedding a few years ago seated at our table. When im here i have to ho to the opposite end of the house & hide... When he came here my grandma told him i was here... or 7 the rest of my family lives in another city so we went there...someone from my own family did that to me..I was a child how sick is that? Its too late now and I can't tell anyone about it and I don't even want to His mom is... My sitter would bring me to her boyfriends job in his office, he would give us cookies her coffee and some other sweets... He was a security guard at a building complex that just happen to be where I lived...

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